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Main characteristics of the OMR of our company:
WanFang OMR adopted advanced DSP chip to perform the functions of scanning, fuzzy recognition,with no need for industrial PCs, and the internal circuit is simple but reliable. As a fully independent device, it is easily maintained and upgraded.
2.Exact Barcodes Reading
Without the help of any other peripheral devices,OMR is able to read CODE-128C barcodes, which can be pasted properly or reversed, allowing for ±15degree inclination.
3.High Applicability of Paper
The reading speed can be set in the format file.,Thus, the requirement for the quality of the form paper can be loosened accordingly.
4.Quick Boots and Sound Online Reliability
Turning on the power, it will standby and be ready for reading operation,no waiting. Adopting the techniques of hi-frequency digital circuit anti-interference,OMR conquers the problem of overflow, and ensures the system's stability.
5. Adjust and Diagnosed Easy
When adjusting and diagnose is needed, the user only needs is a standard test form, with which, he marks all the data. Thus, the data is safely stored in the E2PROM forever.
Of hardware, Wanfang OMR equipped with Serial Port and USB Port interface.Of software, theprotocol of the driver is full open. And we can supply other DLL file that is compatible with most of the products alike on the market.
7.High Accuracy
Adopting the speedy sampling control and intelligent fuzzy recognition algorithm, our OMR greatly improves the accuracy of the marks reading, upgraded the system's stability and the capability of anti-interference.

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