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Wanfang OMRV80 Technical Parameters:

1. Sheet Feeding: inclined and automatic
2. Speed: ≥ 8000 info-bits per second
3. Form Size:  wide range from 130mm of length and 50mm of width to 372mm of length and 260mm of width
4. Sheet Thickness: wide range from 70g/m2 to 150g/m2
5. Track Interval: 5.08mm(UK Standard) or 5mm(CN Standard)
6. Allowed error of the load card: chromatography: ±0.1mm, cut: ±0.2mm
7. Filling tools: a.Pencil-Reading Types- 2B、HB or B series pencil 
                             b.Full-reading Types-alltools such as pencils, pens, ball pens, ink pens, brush pens etc. of non-red and non-white colors(The backcolor of the sheet must be red or pink)
8. Mark size: ≥ 2mm×1mm more or 3mm×0.5mm ( 3mm× 1mm as standard) 

9. Accuracy: ≤ less than 1 error in 10 million marks(≤1×10-7), 3mm×1mm printing mark
10. Doubles Error Rate: ≤1×10-4
11. Sheet Blocking Rate: ≤1×10-4
12.Information Type Supported: single choice, multiple choices, BCD code(Binary-Coded Decimal code)
13. Format Sets: 26 sets, atmost 255 character per set
14. Barcodes Reading: improved 128C available (special barcode printing utility bundled, in normal cases, the width of the block is chosen to be around 0.42mm)
15. Minimum requirements: above Pentium 200 PCs,Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP or further Windows Systems
16. Communication Interface: RS 232 Serial Port and USB Port (photoelectric isolated circuit)
17. Power: 220V±10%, 50 Hz
18. Power Consumption: < 40W
19.Outer dimension: 580mm×220mm×420mm
20. Weight: 10Kg

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